Principles of Professional Ethics in the activity of Еditor and Рublisher


The editor is responsible for the publication of works that leads to the following guidelines:

1. Editor is guided by reliability of data presentation and scientific significance of accepted materials.

2. Editor should evaluate manuscripts’ intellectual content, regardless of race, sex, religious beliefs, national origin, nationality, social status or political affiliation of the authors.

3. Unpublished materials are should not be used for someones own purposes, or transmitted to others without the written consent of the author. Information or ideas obtained while editing and related to potential benefits should be confidential and not be used to obtain personal gain.

4. Editor should not publish information if there is sufficient reason to believe that this is plagiarism.

5. Editor and publisher should not leave unanswered complaints concerning manuscripts or published material, and in the event of a conflict they should take necessary measures to redress.